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    • I. Iblis's Sword II. Gamemodes III. Patches & QoL   I. Iblis's Sword <- The Iblis's Sword is a one handed melee weapon exclusive to accounts playing on Hell Mode. It has the fastest Attack speed of any weapon in all of violationx, and is received instantaneously after selecting the "Hell" mode upon account creation. If you lose your Iblis's sword, you can purchase it from perdu for 20k blood money.     iblis's sword.mp4         This sword has the following stats:             II. Gamemodes + Experience modes   We have different gamemodes on Violationx you can choose between upon registration.   Gamemodes   • Instant PKer   • Trained account   • Ironman + Group Ironman       Experience Modes   • Normal: x40 OSRS experience, but doesn't give you any additional droprate bonus.   • Nightmare: x20 OSRS experience and gives you an additional droprate bonus of 5%.   • Hell: x10 OSRS experience and gives you an additional droprate bonus of 10%.             Group Ironman   First, you'll have to pick the ironman gamemode and an experience mode. Once you've done that, walk a little -north east-, you'll find a npc named "IRON MAN TUTOR".     Simply talk to the iron man tutor, select "group ironman" and you'll be able to create a team, invite IM's and set a GIM team name.     If you want to join a team, simply ask the GIM owner to invite you.       Patches & QoL       - Changed the client background to be like OSRS. - Fixed damage reductions being in max hit calculations method. - You can no longer TB someone in fun-pk. - Added colossal blade. - Fixed login screen bugs. - Fixed the accuracy and proper max hit formulas for volatile nightmare staff. - Leaderboard revamped. - Fixed DFS damage. - Fixed preset slots not properly writing. - Dragon claws formula is now identical to OSRS. - Fixed bank search. - Fixed clan members no longer being recognized in the client. - Fixed clan interface not properly refreshing for the players inside the clan. - Fixed clan chat visual bugs. - Fixed clan moderations. - ::Riskzone now redskulls a player when using the barriers. - Fixed: Clear ground items when ending a LMS game is now. - Can no longer use Rune Pouch presets in LMS. - Run Energy is now unlimited in LMS. - LMS crates should now always be destroyed upon looting it once. - You can no longer receive dwarf remains as drop. - You can no longer empty LMS pouch. - LMS games now properly clear rune pouches when you enter and leave the games. - You cannot use redemption, retribution and smite in LMS games. - Players now have infinite prayer points in LMS games. - Added Last man standing lobby timer for more players to join. - Chaos elemental no longer roams away. - The following boss teleport locations have been moved closer to the bosses:      • Chaos elemental      • Alchemical hydra      • Demonic gorillas - Nex, The nightmare and Vorkath have been moved out of the wilderness. They now have their proper osrs-alike zones. - Demonic gorillas have been moved to another area in the wilderness. - Updated the teleport descriptions. - Fixed the Vorkath combat script. - Fixed master slayer cape bug. - Fixed ToB combat scripts. - Fixed lizardman shaman error. - Fixed nightmare issues. - Fixed funpk losing items. - Wilderness key is no longer auto-kept on death. - You now need a combat level of 90+ to pick up a wilderness key. WARNING: EVERYONE CAN ATTACK YOU WHILE YOU'RE HOLDING A WILDERNESS KEY! - Fixed trading post issue where you could have a sale above max cash. - Fixed a trading post visual issue in the recent page. - Fixed two visual bugs on the list item interface (GE). - Fixed visual bug with the hover image in the selling mode (GE). - Fixed nightmare tile offset. - Fixed nightmare not setting a target upon spawn. - Finished muttadiles, however we're missing some updating that OSRS has support for. - Lowered all world bosses to 5000 HP. - Fixed hunleff pet drop. - Added dagannoth king's ladder options. - Players being properly removed from regions when teleporting. - Fixed vet'ion combat script. - Moved players closer to the boss when teleporting to the Kalphite Queen. - Fixed the kalphite queen combat script. - Fixed DKS combat scripts. - Fixed corporeal beast script. - Added the frozen key for Nex access to GWD bosses, they're roaming the wilderness. - Fixed some COX issues. - Staff can no longer teleport you out or in LMS games. - You no longer have to bank your rune pouch in LMS games. - Fixed gamble not closing interfaces properly. - Funpk will no longer make u lose pets. - Fixed granite maul with ID 4153. - The alchemized maul is now considered a gmaul. - Fixed chinchompas targetting pets. - Fixed a typo mistake in the godsword of absolute. - Fixed keybind interface. - Nex combat script fixes. - Added new pets and donator zone monsters. - Fixed zulrah fumes not being removed. - Fixed daily krakens teleport. - Don't perform the smoke dash attack, it breaks the pathing visually. - Prevent players from taking damage outside of the area, in the banking area. - Fixed cannon dropping 0 cannon balls. - You now need to be a steel member+ to be able to deal damage on barrows @::dzone. - Added an UNIVERSAL talisman. This talisman allows you to go any altar you want, as it is UNIVERSAL. - Added a new game mode interface with proper descriptions. - Fixed coordinates being of on the tournament broadcast. - Blocked cannon in the Hydra area. - gitem fix (unique to rsps that use z>3) - cleared gitems when you changed Z but stayed in same region. - Added caskets, you can now get between 500 and 2500 bm. (drop from skilling/pvming) - Fixed brutal dragon combat script and event. - You can no longer drop/destroy wilderness keys. - Allow broadcasts to be cleared. - Fixed some wilderness key bugs. - You can no longer ::sendhome someone with a wilderness key. - Fixed dwarven rock cake. - Eldritch nightmare staff heals prayer rather than HP. - Single+ logic has been rewritten. - Properly renamed all blistered types. - Mystery boxes now have a green colored name. - Added corporeal beast stomp attack. - Added group ironman. - The special attack orb is now functioning like OSRS. - Decreased thermy kills from the tasks to 50. - Added more thermy spawns in the smoke dungeon room. - Ironman have their own shop system now. {Right click Iron tutor near the slayer building  to open the shot.} `(Gen store, range store and melee store)` - Fixed quick prayer sprite clicking. - Fixed stats copying over from LMS games. - Fixed slayer and pvp tab being inverted. - Added a new tab for quests.  (Quests are in development) - Ironman can no longer load global presets. - Trained accounts can no longer load global presets before they max out combat. - Finished the Mimic combat script. - Fixed the mimic 3rd age spawns not re-spawning if you kill mimic without killing them. - LMS now clears fog screen when you get eliminated or get the Win. - LMS now grants a 45 second **PJ timer** in battle. - LMS now also grants a 30 second immunity timer for when you kill someone, to loot your key. - Fixed morrigan javelin special attack bug. - Rewrote IKOD (Items kept on death) logic. - Rewrote the chain system. - Fixed infinite message when trying to pick up wilderness key. - Fixed the "Help" clan chat does not apply to shifting "Attack" option. - Leaderboard ignore help clan on UI & rewards. - Fixed combat not resetting on logout. - Fixed combat accuracy. - Changed wilderness PJ timer to 8 seconds, including the singles+. - Fixed display name and login name issues. - Mimic 3rd age spawns now spawn properly after killing the mimics. - Vorkath now drops Jar of Decay. - Ancient Wyvern now works as collection drop.           We are looking forward to see you on LAUNCH DAY (saturday 8PM GMT+1)!       ViolationX Management  
    • I. Wilderness Cave II. Gamble-ban system III. Battle Mages IV. Patches / QoL   I. Wilderness Cave The new wilderness cave is located in level 54-55 wilderness. The entrance to this cave is located at the deep wilderness dungeon (west of mage bank stairs). Use the crevice at the hill giants room then run north-east. The Mysterious Pool has two options. Teleport to the wilderness cave and a "peek" option to see how many players are inside of the cave.   In order to acces this cave, you need: 50 player kills 10 trial tasks completed 100k blood money (bring this with you to the mysterious pool, to unlock it)   The wilderness cave has 4 different npc's and a Boss. Blistered Fire Giants Blistered Demons Blistered Beasts Blistered Ancient Wyvern Blistered Seren Boss (Read below)   Blistered Seren (The cave BOSS): This boss can only be accesed with an enraged totem. The enraged totems can be obtained from the mentioned npc's above. This boss has 3500 HP and a max hit of 35 and can be attacked by more people at once. You need to deal atleast 100 damage to obtain a drop from this boss!   Rewards from Blistered Mobs: - Larran's Key (Medium) - Larran's Key (Hard) - Wilderness Key (PvM) - Donator / Armour / Weapon boxes - Enraged totem pieces - Shattered relics void ornament kit Rewards from Blistered Seren: - Armadyl (or) - Bandos (or) - Lightbearer - Osmumten' fang - Tumeken's shadow - Eldinis's ward - Infernal cape     II. Gamble-ban system There's an npc south of home, between the bank and ::gamble zone where some cash can be stored (with a 10% fee) for a minimum of 3 days so that the player can have backup cash when/if he get cleaned through gamble.     III. Battle Mages The battle mages (located at mage bank arena) now have an improved droptable with some unique content added to it. New drops: - Kodai Insignia - Guthix imbuement tokens - Saradomin imbuement tokens - Zamorak imbuement tokens Imbuement tokens The imbuement tokens can be used to create: 1. Imbued god staves (3 tokens needed) 2. Imbued god capes (2 tokens needed)   Imbued God staff: Zamorak staff (i) > buffed zammy flame max damage (only with charge spell enabled) Saradomin staff (i) > better smite rate (only with charge spell enabled) Guthix staff (i) > better rate to lower oppenents def (only with charge spell enabled)     IV. Patches / QoL - Fixed the ancient wyvern shield equip graphic. - Fixed nightmare staff special attacks walking towards the target during spec. - QoL you can now use ::sbrew, ::range, ::mage and ::rest to spawn the potions too. - Clear last attacked time when we reset actions. - Added more skeletons in the wilderness. - Fixed range delays for special attacks. - Fixed freeze timers. - Cleanup client timer code. - Added timer for the charge spell. - Nightmare staff spec hit delays fixed. - Fixed mithril seeds not moving when frozen. - Fixed dragon knifes special attack delay. - Remove old pid system, PID has now been properly introduced. - Fixed nightmare staff spec max hits. - Fixed dragging items to empty slots in the inventory. - Started working on the OSRS dragon claws formula for both accuracy and damages. - Fixed combat dummy facing. - Added ::hills command - Added a new wilderness cave deep wilderness at mage bank. - Fixed some projectile delays. - Noted super combat pots and anglerfish drops from the wilderness key. - Fixed high and low alch on noted items. - Added med and hard larran key boosts. - Added ::ferox to tele to ferox enclave. - Added self exclusion for gambling and ability to store blood money or tokens for three days. - Replaced our entire task system with our custom chain system. - Added several new mage arena items. - Fixed CS1 scripts for spellbooks. - Remove old CS1 hardcode for SOL and SOTD. - Remove old mage arena attribute and replace with new boundary system. - Certain bosses in the wilderness will no longer random walk. - Replaced our old "inCombat" check with new better ones. - Replaced old parts of the combat system and replaced with the new improved methods. - Added Holy and Sanguine kits to the raids mystery box. - Fixed trial tasks not displaying in quest tab. - Fixed trial task any npc kills counting towards the task. - Fixed blessed saradomin sword render pairs and item requirements. - Fixed blessed saradomin sword not using magical melee damage. - Fixed special attacks no longer checking if you have enough percentage to spec. - The augmented bow now acts as a 2 handed bow. - Fixed divine heart sending out that the overload potion had expired. - Fixed alchemical hydra not attacking. - Changed the Metallic GWD bosses to spawn near the lava dragon isle. - Replace prayer sprites with proper sprites. - Fixed augmented and viggora chainmace. - Rename hitsplat updating. - Allow hits to be hidden. - Ignore pid shuffle for players in the duel arena. - refresh rune pouch client script on login. - Fixed other people being able to edit your clan settings. - Fixed augmented staff interface. - Made augmented weapons tradeable. - Fixed gilded spade not being 2H. - You can no longer use ::pure without 1 def. - Added rejuvunation pool to the pure zone. - Added a pure shop to the pure zone. - Added a ::lms command. - Added a bell at LMS to call players for a LMS game. - Changed item requirements for certain Alchemy items. - Fixed Tekton room. - Added different menu colors for items above 10K blood money and 50K. - Fixed not being able to drop chargeable items. - Added region players support - Clans can now set destination and teleport to destination at the wilderness obelisks. - Fixed bank tabs creating nulled slots. - Added blood money to equipment interface. - We now correctly calc bankTab size for new accs. - Players can now open their presets with cntrl + p. - Players can now load their presets at ::meet. - Fixed saradomin strike making the dummy dissappear. - Fixed DFS spec issue. - Fixed entangle not lighting up when bringing entangle sacks. - Fixed tridents not being able to cast spells. - Fixed magic and ranged hit delays. - Fixed projectiles - Fixed clan chat not properly cleaning up. - Leaderboards now excludes the help clan. - Fixed all the dragon bolt spec effects.   Yours sincerely,    
    • Dear Violationx players, We will be hosting a PS5 giveaway and it will start on the release day!   How can I win the PS5 giveaway? You have to unlock everything posted down below: 1. Must be maxed as a TRAINED account. 2. Must have 1000 player kills. (PK Farmers will be DQ'ed and dealt with accordingly) 3. Must have atleast 45 achievements completed. 4. Must have completed atleast 10 collection logs. 5. Must have won LMS atleast 1 time. 6. Must have won any tournament atleast 3 times 7. Must have ended as #1 pker on the leaderboard atleast 1 time. 8. Must have voted atleast 10 times.   When does the giveaway end? The giveaway ends exactly whenever someone unlocked everything posted above.   What are prizes? 1. PS5 / PayPal / In-game. 2. Extra 100$ bond in-game. 3. Custom pet in-game.   Disclaimer: If you already own an PS5 or do not want the PS5, we can also give you the equivalent amount on PayPal or ingame currency.   Good Luck to all!     Yours Sincerely, ViolationX Management
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